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A clean parking lot makes a good impression and attracts customers

 The truth is, it’s not something we typically think about when we drive to a place of business… that is, unless the lot is dirty or untidy. An unkempt lot may indicate that the business doesn’t value itself, or its patrons. On the same token, an attractive parking lot that is clean and free of garbage, oil slicks and debris, tells customers that you take pride in your business, the environment and the surrounding area. 

A clean and well-maintained parking lot discourages littering

 A clean parking lot sets the tone for good, respectful behavior. People are less inclined to litter in an area that is neat and clean because it is clear that someone is paying attention to the property. 

Clean parking lots minimize pollution to local water ways

 Many companies have adopted green policies that encourage a healthy environment within the organization as well as in the community at large. Regular cleaning keeps harmful chemicals, metal particles and garbage from draining into sewers and nearby water systems--all of which can save wildlife and natural habitats. 

A clean lot can protect your company from lawsuits

 Public safety is one of the greatest reasons to keep parking lots and roadways clean. As garbage and debris tend to collect in gutters, keeping these areas clean will help prevent accidents, as buildup can cause vehicles to skid. Moreover, surfaces that do no provide adequate drainage can lead to standing water, another hazard to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Needless to say, businesses want to keep all patrons safe and out of harm’s way, and keeping a clean parking lot surface is a great way to promote safety. 

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